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Get Involved: Donate Blood. Save Lives


The need for blood, plasma, and platelets donations are constant. Each day, the Red Cross must collect nearly 13,000 blood donations for patients at about 2,500 hospitals nationwide. This need doesn’t stop for the season, weather, or holiday.

The Red Cross Blood Donor app or is a great way to find a place to make an appointment to donate in your area.

Before your donation

» Eat iron-rich foods such as meat, fish, poultry, spinach, iron-fortified cereals, or raisins.

» Get a good night’s sleep and drink extra liquids to be sure you’re well-hydrated.

» If you’re going to donate platelets, do not take aspirin products for two days prior to your appointment.

Learn more about Red Cross donation safety protocols.

Donating blood, plasma, or platelets is a simple, quick, and effective way for eligible individuals to get involved in their community.